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What our Clients Say

    • "Your innovative and proactive approach to stakeholder relations in no small part contributed to the success of this sensitive and complex program of works"
      Water Matters Alliance
    • "QCCN's aggressive marketing campaign transformed North Queensland's Army Reserve Brigade from a severely undermanned outfit into a national leader in recruitment"
      11 Brigade Army Reserve
    • "Wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank you for the super effort and the results of the Townsville Power Station opening"
      Transfield Services Australia
    • "Everything went really well and the end result looks fantastic! Thanks for your hard work”
      Townsville Enterprise Limited
    • "QCCN took the lead in developing and implementing the marketing for the campaign and then became the driving force behind maintaining its profile to ensure fundraising success"
      Australian Red Cross
    • "It's been great working with you. Thanks for making my time here such a rewarding experience"
      Stockland Townsville
    • "I enjoyed working with you and was glad your team was on the ground helping with everything during the brief and hectic project. Despite the high drama things went well"
      Suncor Energy Management (Canada)
    • "The team is very credible and has strong local knowledge"
      Queensland Nickel Industries
    • "Thanks for all the hard work. The advice was invaluable and the campaign certainly caused a stir"
      Women in Docs
    • "The parties were able to use your professional and informative methods and the public information meetings progressed successfully"
      National Native Title Tribunal
    • "As soon as I heard the QCCN team were involved in what was a difficult and complex situation, my faith in a positive outcome increased immeasurably"
      Queensland Government Minister
    •  "It was a pleasure to watch consummate professionals at work"
      Carson Group

    • "The QCCN team have always provided service of exceptional standards. Thank you for the professionalism and assistance"
      Townsville Port Authority
    • "To be recognised in this way is quite an achievement and reflects a strong service ethic in conceiving, refining and providing a project that the public not only desired but urgently needed"
      Federal Member for Herbert
    • "This is a significant step towards reconciliation in this country"
      National Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation
    • "We are a part of each other's success"
      BHP Billiton
    • “Your handling of the branding exercise has been first class.  I am a cynic of these things but the result has been excellent”
      Serving Queensland Member of Parliament

Why we are different

At QCCN, we pride ourselves on building tailored solutions which provide world-class outcomes, build reputation and relationships, and effect lasting change for our clients. Our team works to develop and implement creative strategies on the ground where they are needed, and not from afar where the view may be very different.

We also actively evaluate and benchmark everything we do. As a result, QCCN is one of Queensland's most awarded consultancies, receiving recognition of professional excellence from our profession, our clients and a range of other bodies.

We believe we are different to our competitors:

Client relationships

We do not believe in "silver bullet" solutions.

Rather, we work collaboratively with our clients to develop workable solutions to their specific needs. Only by really getting to know our clients and their operations can we be truly effective in our part of their operations.

Regional base

We develop and implement strategies on the ground where they are needed, not remotely from Brisbane or futher south. As a result, our team has developed intimate local knowledge and contacts, and an understanding of their communities.

A regional base also means our operational costs and overheads can be lower than our metropolitan cousins, meaning clients receive greater cost efficiency and a more senior response to their needs.

Size and scope

We are Queensland's largest regional communication consultancy with staff located in regional centres where they are needed.

As a result, we are able to quickly allocate resources to suit special circumstances and quickly dedicate skilled professionals to specific projects as required.


Our regional offices operate largely independently to support their local clients. As required, they also work jointly to support cross-regional, whole-of-state or major projects.

In each region, local teams and their operations are managed by a Senior Consultant who, as well as being a highly competent "all rounder" brings high level expertise in one or more professional areas. The team understands and embraces the pool of expertise available by bringing in subject-matter experts from other parts of the network to provide additional advice and support as required.

To increase efficiency and quality assurance, computerised accounting and time-management functions are centralised in our Townsville hadquarters. We understand the need for our clients to receive accurate, timely and complete project and resource allocation reports.

Integration and versatility

QCCN team members are drawn from across a multi-disciplinary background which gives considerable professional depth and breadth of "world view".

We create project teams specifically to provide the best fit for client needs and these teams may be drawn from across regions to provide specific expertise as required. Project teams are always supported by a locally-based senior manager.